Moving Green(Sound Technology) was established in 2013. Our factory is based in Longgang Shenzhen with around 5000 square meters plant änd 150 employees. We are dedicated to provide our customers with high quality loudspeaker änd crossover products. We prides ourselves on the company's intrinsic values of “Sound Infinity, Technical Priority, Moral Integrity, Supreme Quality”

Moving Green(Sound Technology) is a young company but our team have decades of experiences in development änd manufacturing of Loudspeakers änd Crossovers. We have  good working knowledge of the needs änd demands of our customers whom we place in the center of our product developments.

Moving Green(Sound Technology) is an ISO9001 & ISO14001 certificated company, we have standard quality-management principles such as customer focus, process approach, continuous improvement, factual approach to decision making. We have also passed the IATF16949. The IATF16949 ensures that we are aligned with our business strategy, to demonstrate the commitment to quality, to achieve sustainable performance improvements, to provide better quality of products änd services in a cost effective way.

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